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Your Items

Items in your home (please fill in a quantity for each)
Living Room
2 Seater settee 3 Seater settee 4 Seater settee Gate-leg table Corner Cupboards Side lamp Occasional table Nest of Tables Foot stool (Pouffe) Armchair, sml Armchair, med Armchair, lge Baby Grand Piano Piano, Upright T.V. Table Electric piano TV flat screen small TV flat screen medium TV flat screen large Wing Chair Occasional chair Piano stool China Cabinet, sml China Cabinet, med China Cabinet, lge Bureau, sml Bureau, lge Welsh Dresser Hi-Fi Stereo Units Rugs Sideboard, sml Sideboard, med Sideboard, lge Wall unit in 2 x sections Bookcase 3ft High Bookcase 6ft High Standard lamp Pictures Folding card table Music Cabinet Grandfather clock Wall Mirrors Video/Sky box or similar Boudoir piano
Dining Room
Dining Table, sml Dining Table, med Dining Table, large Dining chair Carver Chair
Study / Office
Computer – desk top Office chair Office Desk Bookcase, 3ft High Bookcase, 6ft High Computer Desk 2-Drawer Filing Cab 4-Drawer Filing Cab
Bedroom / Bathroom
Wardrobe Double Wardrobe - Single Bed King Size Bedside table Bed Double Ottoman Bed Single Cabin Bed Bunk Beds Bed - Cot Dressing Table - Large Dressing Table - Medium Linen Basket Rugs Chest of drawers, sml Pictures Chest of drawers, med Mirrors Chest of drawers, lge Tall boy Bedroom chair Bathroom wall cabinet Lloyd Loom chair Headboard continental Headboard single Headboard double Free standing towel rail
Kitchen/ Hall etc
Cooker Cooker – double Kitchen table, small Kitchen table, med Kitchen table, lge Kitchen chair Baby's high chair Fridge – Under Worktop Fridge / Freezer - Tall Dish Washer Washing Machine Microwave Oven Vacuum cleaner Tea trolley Tumble drier Chest Freezer - Large Upright Freezer - Tall Chest Freezer - Small Upright Freezer – Under Worktop
Outside Effects
Dustbin, normal Wheelbarrow Small Garden Pots Large Garden Pots Patio Table Small Patio Table Large Patio Chairs - Folding Patio Chairs Lawn mower –sit on Motor lawn mower, petrol Lawnmower electric Children's Bicycle Adult's Bicycle Pair 7-tread steps Sun lounger Garden seat Hose and reel Double ladder Garden tools, Per tool Work bench – small Work bench - large BBQ – 3ft Long BBQ – 4ft Long BBQ – 5ft Long BBQ – Other Garden hammock Garden swing Garden climbing frame Garden slide Compost Bin Water Butt
Bags Cartons Suitcases
Packing Requirements

Cartons can account for about 20% of the overall volume. It is therefore important to allow enough cartons for all your 'small' items e.g. china, glass kitchen, bedroom, study, garage contents etc. Whether you require a full or partial packing service or intend to pack yourself, please indicate, in each section, the number of cartons you think would be required for your move. We have tried to assist you by showing a carton size and also how much a carton might hold.

Please select your packing requirements. (Choose more than one if you require multiple quotes)

Full packing service (china, glass, books, pictures, kitchen and bedroom sundries)

Fragile packing service (china, glass, pictures and lamps only)

No packing service required

Unpacking service of company packed cartons

Kitchenware / China / Glass / Small pictures (carton size 18” x 18” x 20” – tea chest sized)
(1-2 cartons for one single kitchen cupboard or one single sideboard door)
Miscellaneous / Toys / Study / Garage / Shed / Loft (carton size 18” x 18” x 20” – tea chest sized)
( 1-2 carton holds approximately the same volume as one single kitchen cupboard)
Airing Cupboard / Bed Linen / Wardrobes (carton size 18” x 18” x 20” – tea chest sized)
(2 – 3 cartons for bedding /pillows from a 1 x double bed and 1 -2 cartons for a single bed, 2-4 cartons for a single wardrobe, 1-2 cartons per airing cupboard shelf)
Books /cd’s/tinned food/heavy tools (carton size 12” x 18” x 12”)
(1 x book carton holds approximately 1m (3ft) of shelf space)
Hanging Clothing
(1 wardrobe carton holds approximately. 2ft of hanging space)
Are there any wardrobes to be dismantled by Robinsons Yes No
If YES, please state how many in total Type Of Wardrobe
Will they split into sections (how many sections) or do they require to be completely dismantled ( how many completely dismantled)
Do you require us to dismantle beds? Yes No

If so, please indicate no(s)

Cabin bed

Bunk bed

Bed King-Size

Bed Double

Bed Single

Additional Items

Any other information we should know for example items not listed above e.g. loft/shed items not already itemised, motorbikes, surfboards, canoes, dismantled sheds or greenhouses, or items that may cause difficulty for example a settee through a window or a bed through an upstairs window, internal spiral staircases etc.

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